Donati Cane – Gouged, Shaped, Profiled – 5 Pieces


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5 pieces

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Cane from the Var region of France.

On average this cane is harder than other brands.

Received in tube form and processed using a highly selective method to ensure straight usable pieces.

Processed on a Reeds & Tools Gouger, Rieger Profiler and Rieger Shaper Tips.

Our cane is meticulously processed and sorted to give you the best quality possible.

You may return any unused portions of cane orders for an exchange or refund within 15 days.

Additional information


Rieger 14 (Narrow), Rieger 1A (Standard), Rieger 2 (Wide)

Gouge Thickness

1.20mm +/- .1mm

Gouge Type


Cane Length


Collar Length


Blade Length


Tip Thickness

Approximately .40mm

Collar Thickness

Approximately .90mm


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